Elephant Coats

Starter Coats:

Black Elephant – Rare

Brown Elephant – Common

Gray Elephant – Common



Black Dotted Elephant – Very Rare

Gray Dotted Elephant – Rare



Dirty Brown Elephant – Very Rare

Dirty Grey Elephant – Very Rare



Green Earth Elephant – Common

Love Elephant – Rare

Op Art Elephant – Rare

Peace Elephant – Common


Earth Kid – Common

Love Kid – Rare

Op Art Kid - Rare

Peace Kid – Common

Psychodelic - Rare

Rasta Phant – Rare


Xmas 2016:

Xmas 2016 – Coat will not pass


XMOff Beige/Blue – Rare & Inherited only

XMOff Beige/Green – Rare & Inherited only

XMOff Beige/Pink – Rare & Inherited only

XMOff Black/Blue - Rare & Inherited only

XMOff Black/Green - Rare & Inherited only

XMOff Black/Pink - Rare & Inherited only

XMOff White/Blue - Rare & Inherited only

XMOff White/Green - Rare & Inherited only

XMOff White/Pink - Rare & Inherited only



Beige Decorated – Very Rare


Black Deco (Blue) – Very Rare

Black Deco (Gold) - Very Rare

Black Deco (Red) - Very Rare

Brown Deco (Blue) - Very Rare

Brown Deco (Gold) - Very Rare

Gray Deco (Blue) - Very Rare

Gray Deco (Gold) - Very Rare

Gray Deco (Red) - Very Rare



Easter 2017:

Poppies Easter - Common

Tulip Easter - Common


Bogart - Common and Inherited from Poppies Easter

Chance - Rare and Inherited

Daksh - Rare and Inherited

Falak - Rare and Inherited

Ratan - Common and Inherited from Tulip Easter



MiniPhant Release:

Baby Blue Elephant – Common

Baby Green Elephant – Common

Baby Pink Elephant – Common

Baby Purple Elephant - Common

Baby Yellow Elephant - Common



Black Spotted – Rare

Blue Spotted – Rare

Brown Spotted – Rare

Gray Spotted - Rare

Green Spotted – Rare

Pink Spotted – Rare

Yellow Spotted – Rare



Beige Butterfly – Very Rare

Black Butterfly – Very Rare

Blue Butterfly – Very Rare

Brown Butterfly – Very Rare

Gray Butterfly – Very Rare

Green Butterfly – Very Rare

Pink Butterfly – Very Rare

Purple Butterfly – Very Rare

Yellow Butterfly – Very Rare


Zebra Elf:

Zebra Elf Blue 2017 (rare; sold from gatcha)

Zebra Elf Gold 2017 (common; sold from gatcha)

Zebra Elf Green 2017 (rare; sold from gatcha)

Zebra Elf Pink 2017 (common; sold from gatcha)

Zebra Elf Purple 2017 (rare; sold from gatcha)

Zebra Elf Teal 2017 (common; sold from gatcha)


Common Eyes:

Black, Brown, Green, GreenEarth, Peace.


Rare Eyes:

Agate, Albino, BluePink, Fire, Ganesh, Gold, Love, MaskBlue, MaskGold, MaskRed, OpArt, Savanne, Serpentine, Topaz,


Special Eyes:

XmasBlue - Rare


*All coats and eyes can be bred onto elephant or minis. All Tamed elephants are rare. You have a 1 in 30 chance of getting a tamed elephant. You can ride tamed elephants, minis require a hud which is available in the wildz store.