These are the requirements for the approval as an Accredited Store or Auction House for oYo breedables in Second Life. For Infos on the Inworldz Endorsement Requirements look here.

An application for approval is just that.. an application this does not guarantee approval.

Accreditation Requirements

Auction Houses

  • The sim applying to be an auction house must be owned by the applicant for at least 4 weeks and have a significant part of it designated for oYo products only.
  • If a patron is banned from your auction house you will submit a notecard to oYo Management with the reason why immediately.
  • The auction house/sim must be a full region and must be a good representation of oYo. Nothing that is tacky or lacks style. The auction house will also provide easy viewing of the accredited license so that all patrons may see this. Your land should be as lag free as possible
  • The only auctioneers that are working at the accredited auction house MUST be oYo accredited auctioneers. If you ever have a problem when an auctioneer that is scheduled cannot call the auction please use the Market Owners group and request the use of another accredited auctioneer.
  • All auction house owners that are accredited will work cooperatively with other oYo accredited auction house owners. We are a team... we are here to make this fun and unlike other breedables a company that has all accredited auction houses and auctioneers working together. Auction houses will be sure that the time of their auctions do not conflict with others. Auction houses are to announce other auction times and locations as well prior to and after each auction.
  • All auctions MUST be kept PG. Remember many of our patrons have young children and they often times are watching the auction. Keep this in mind... we are classy not trashy.
  • Notecards are to be presented to N.N. with approval on opening bids prior to each auction until it is decided otherwise. Records of sales at each auction is also to be submitted to N.N.
  • All events that are being offered though oYo will be mentioned prior and after each auction. An event board will be both in the store and also at the auctino house.
  • All people that are selling at your auction must be in the oYo official groups. 
  • You must have your own group for patrons to advertise their oYo products.
  • All auction house owners are to make sure that anything for sale at their maker is the current market value. Nothing is to be sold under 500L. Please keep up to date on pricing, traits etc. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are guarding the oYo market.
  • Auctions will be for oYo products alone not with other mixed breedables.
  • Approval for accredited auction sims is granted by management and may take up to six weeks. 
  • As an accredited sim you should encourage a strong market and not allow firesales or low prices. If accredited you are leading by example and a good strong market is beneficial for all.
  • Any potential conflict with another accredited market owner or auction house must be handled in a professional manner. Please contact N.N. At all times we expect drama to be left out of oYo... no excused.
  • In the event that these guidelines are not followed you risk loosing your privileges as an Accredited Auction house under oYo.

Vendor placements

  • All of the rules listed above apply to the sim owner as well as the following rules:
  • oYo satellite stores must be in keeping with oYo style. Laika will build the store. 
  • All oYo satellite stores must have group joiners inside that are for all of the oYo official groups.
  • All oYo satellite stores must be a full region
  • All of oYo satellite stores must also allow an event board placed by the Event Manager of oYo that shows patrons of current and upcoming events.
  • All affiliate stores must have ALL of oYo vendors available. This is for all of oYo breedables not just horses or cats etc.
  • All of the oYo satellite stores must make sure that on their sim current market value prices are being maintained and NOTHING under 500L is to be ever placed for sale
  • Sim owners are required to come to at least 1 event at oYo a month.
  • All of the oYo satellite stores will work together to insure a fun,friendly cooperative working environment.
  • You shall provide a list of auction times and auction locations for all of the oYo's auctions.
  • Alas we appreciate your desire to work with oYo. We are growing more and more each and every day. We look forward to growing with you. If you have any problems please feel free to contact N.N.
  • Failure to comply to anything above will result in a warning after the warning it will be decided by the owners as to what shall happen if the issue has not been addressed.. Failure to do so will likely result in the removal of the vendor system and accredited status.