Centuries ago a battleship discovered an island paradise far away from all human life and culture. On their search for gold and other treasures they found a strange bird, that could not fly, but seemed to be happy anyway. The conquerors were impressed by the grace the beauty of the wild animals and they started to capture them and brought them home to their countries in small cages.

Many of them died from the sadness in their hearts, from the loss of their freedom and the absence of the sweet starfruit, that grew on the island. Others were killed to feed the sailors, though their flesh didn't taste too good.

Finally the returning adventurers brought a couple of dodos back home and showed them in London Zoo. Many people were attracted by the beauty of the birds, their colored feathers and their graceful moves. But the visitors also felt the large sadness in their hearts, that caused the dodos to stop mating and breeding until almost all of the animals died.

"They have been extinguished", people said when the cages were empty one day.

But nobody noticed the last two dodos escaped in the crowd of a class of girls who visited the Zoo on a Wednesday afternoon.

They traveled all around the country until they came to a clearing in the middle of a magical forest where a large cherry tree stood. All of a sudden a memory of happy days met their hearts, and they settled down, living in the wild, mating, breeding, loving and living in peace and happiness.

Silently they spread all around the land, avoiding humans and their villages, just staying apart in the wilderness of freedom and happiness.

If you happen to meet one of them, just make sure to respect and keep your distance. Watch them and learn from the way they defeated their fate with happiness and joy.