Welcome to the fantastic world of the breedable FuzzyBuzzies!

They are cuddly like a teddy bear, naughty like a rascal and love to play like a little kitten, but they are all adorable.

You can feed them, you can breed them and you can give them your love. You can dress them up, give them toys or take them for a walk.


  • FuzzyBuzzies grow to mature within 2 days.
  • Fuzzies can breed from 2 to 120 days old.
  • A Fuzzy pregnancy lasts for 3 days after which a bundle will be sent to you. This must be rezzed next to the mother but can then be stored in your inventory. Bundles do not need to be birthed
  • When rezzed your FuzzyBuzzy can be configured to walk around in a defined range around its home position
  • Follow mode: your FuzzyBuzzy is following your avatar
  • Sound and talk can be switched on/off
  • Mature FuzzyBuzzies can mate and breed more FuzzyBuzzies
  • Food consumption: one unit per hour
  • Your FuzzyBuzzy plays with the toys you give him, increasing his happiness
  • Happiness Poynts can be exchanged for more toys
  • You can dress them up with FuzzyBuzzy clothing.

Food, Medicine and Sweets

Please visit one of our shops to purchase a stock of food, medicine and sweets.

  • Food consumption: one unit per hour per pet.
  • To increase the fevor of your mature pets, 100 units of sweets are required
  • If your FuzzyBuzzy is becoming ill, medicine is required


When you rez the FuzzyBuzzy from a starter bundle they will take 2 days to grow until they are mature, and 4 more days (with support of sweets) to increase their fevor to make them mate. 100 fevor is required for a breeding.

After a 3 days pregnancy your FuzzyBuzzy will produce a baby, which is delivered in a bundle to your inventory.

Rez the bundle near the mother and it should retrieve the configuration of the new FuzzyBuzzy. If you then click "Birth" from the menu, your new FuzzyBuzzy is rezzed and configured.


To enhance your FuzzyBuzzy experience  some additions are available:


The FuzzyBuzzy comes with a set of toys, that enables your pet to play, sleep, dance etc. With many of them you can collect happiness points. These can be transferred to your Piggy Bank. (10 units of happiness are worth one "Poynt".)

The points you collected can be exchanged for toys from a vendor system you can find in the FuzzyBuzzy toy shop. Rezz or wear your Piggy Bank and touch the vendor to connect.

Now select an item by touching one of the 6 small display panels and touch the large panel in the center to pick an item. If you have enough points in your Piggy Bank, you "purchase" the selected item in exchange for the amount of points.

Clothing Set:

To change clothing of your FuzzyBuzzy there are appliers available, which are attached using a HUD. When you touch an applier, a list of FuzzyBuzzies near the owner will appear, from which you can choose a pet with the menu. Then just pick a piece of clothing, which is sent to the FuzzyBuzzy.

Clothing sets are also available from the Vendor system in the FuzzyBuzzy Clothes store, these can be paid for or you can use your poynts for them in the same way as the toys.

To apply an outfit to your fuzzy you must rezz the applicator or wear it (as a HUD) and click it to select the name of the fuzzy you wish to dress then choose from the options what you would like your fuzzy to wear. That outfit will remain until you change it.

If you receive or give a fuzzy wearing an outfit the outfit will remain on the fuzzy. However if you dont own that outfit applier and you remove the outfit you will not be able to re-add that outfit. Once you have the outfit there are no limits to the amount of your Fuzzys who can wear that outfit.

They are cute, they are smart, they are naughty.
And they will populate the grid soon.

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
and your happy oYo Staff Team