The Home of the oYo Horses, Fuzzies, Wildcats, Elephants, Bears, Dodos and Pigs. You find a shop with starters and special sales, a toy shop to buy toys for Poynts and a clothing shop where you can get outfits for your little pets.

Owner: oYo Breedables
SLURL: Sky Ranch/130/133/22

Owner: Desy Redangel Graywolf (robdester Redangel)
SLURL: Avarua Bay/191/128/1001

Owner: Clover Hixantapo
SLURL: Pacific Haven/14/204/21

Owner: blastedinternet Resident
SLURL: Delirium Breedables/16/219/22

Owner: Michellita Ceriano
SLURL: Queens Harbor Estates/61/120/3010

Owner: oYo Main Sim 
SLURL: Sky Ranch/176/16/23

The Dodos and Pigs are hosted on Laika's Mainland parcel. You also find a small market where people are offering their pets for sale.

Owner: Laika Amat
SLURL: Joffy/197/242/45