Officially Endorsed oYo Auctioneers

oYo are proud to support and work with officially endorsed oYo Auctioneers. To qualify as an oYo Endorsed Auctioneer you will need to complete the Auctioneers Class in world. Contact the oYo Manager for more information and to confirm the next Date & Time for the Class.

As an official oYo Auctioneer we will:

  • Feature you on the website.

  • Add you to the Official Group. (OOAA – Official oYo Auction Association).

  • Provide you with continued support as and when required.

  • Offer further training if requested.

As an official oYo Auctioneer you will:

  • Have attended the official oYo Auctioneers Class and been issued with a certificate upon successful completion. Without this you will NOT be able to auctioneer for oYo Endorsed Auction Houses.

  • Be at least 14 days old.

  • Be confident in public speaking and be heard clearly.

  • Be responsible for providing the correct information on the animals.

  • Familiarise yourself with the traits, coats rarities and all other aspects of the animals and be able to locate this information quickly.

  • Familiarise yourself with the Auction House Information both outlined by oYo and that of the Auction House you are representing.

  • Display your Auctioneers Certificate at the Auction House you are working at, at all times and in the event, you are covering an auction please ensure you display your certificate there.

  • Call each stall fairly and remain consistent showing no favouritism.

  • Not reveal the start price of a stall to anyone else in advance. The ONE exception here is if the Auction House employs a separate person to reveal the start prices (such as a CSR). In which case, they must first post the start price before personally bidding.  - If you have a 'no show' you must not reveal that stalls start price.

As an official oYo Auctioneer we recommend:

  • You have first-hand experience in breeding.

  • You negotiate your own fee with the auction house owner directly.

  • As soon as you know you are unable to work an auction please contact the Auction House Owner so they have time to arrange cover for the Auction.

  • You attend other auctions, especially when you are just starting, to see how other auctioneers and auction houses operate and what the current market is like.

  • You familiarise yourself with the stall entries before the auction and check you have all the information you need.

**For more information talk to your oYo manager in world