Version 1.0 DRAFT - 02.12.2015

(Please read this whole TOS breaking the rules is no excuse for not reading the TOS!)


While this TOS might sound harsh it is put in place to protect the breeders of our community and also your experience within oYo Breedables. We hope you will understand and you will continue to enjoy our product as we continue to enjoy bringing them to you.

By purchasing oYo Breedables products you accept these Terms of Service, if there is not a written objection.

Usage agreement

oYo Breedables is not responsible for any real or virtual damage or loss caused by the use of theis pets and toyss.

oYo Breedables reserve the right to change its Terms of Service at any time without due warning to any staff and or breeder within the oYo community.

oYo Breedables has the right to change or update any product or the inheritance rules for breedables at any time.

oYo Breedable has the right to maintain a database or any other kind of data repository containing information of any breedable and avatar data like name, UUID and points accumulated by the residents.

oYo Breedables is a Virtual World company that provides a service of breedable animals to residents of the Second Life (TM) an InWorldz (TM) metaverse, for the purpose of fun breeding within the virtual community. All material used by oYo Breedables is copyright of oYo Breedables, including all meshes, sculpts, scripts, animations and any oYo related products that bear the oYo Breedables name and therefore belong Alfredo Zapatero and Jenni Eales, and other content providers within the oYo team where applicable.

oYo Breedables refuses to deal with or to condone piracy or hacking of any kind. Anyone found to be hacking will be banned from the oYo Breedable game, full explanation will be writing and presented with a notecard to the said person in question, but oYo Breedables reserve the right to refuse anyone using their products at any time without due cause.

oYo Breedables does not condone the transfer of oYo products with "no permission" rights to alternate accounts. This includes but is not limited to food, sweets, salt, medicine, and any oYo product that might used to enhance the oYo Breedables product. These should not be transferred, anyone found to be suspected to be using any food or items passed to alternate accounts shall be confronted and a decision shall be made based on how the situation is handled.

oYo Breedable may stop delivering pets, accessories, bundles etc. at any time in the future and is not responsible for any real or imaginary damage caused by this.

oYo Breedable is not responsible for oYo pets sold or auctioned by other breeders or affiliates.

Punitive measures

Anyone found to tamper with oYo products this is including but not limited to Fuzzies, Horses, Dogs, Dodos, Cats, Pigs, accessories, toys and all oYo sculpts, meshes, prims or any oYo products shall be banned from oYo Breedables sims and groups. oYo Breedables will terminate business, all products might be removed and you will be reported to Inworldz LLC for suspension of your account for tampering with copyright owned products.

December 2015

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero