Bear Coats


Starter Coats:


Beige Bear – Rare

Black Bear - Rare

Bright Bear – Common

Brown Bear – Common

Dark Brown Bear – Common

Gray Bear - Rare

Ice Bear – Common

Light Beige Bear – Very Rare

Light Brown Bear – Rare

Orange Bear – Very Rare


 From Breeding Only:


Black/Grey/Orange Bear – Very Rare

 Black/Grey/Yellow Bear – Very Rare

 White/Beige Bear – Very Rare

 White/Black Bear Rare

 White/Brown Bear – Very Rare


 Spice Bear:


Hot Chilly – Common

 Hot Curry – Common

 Hot Secrets – Rare


 Tattoo Bear:


Black Tattoo – Rare

Brown Tattoo – Common

 Red Tattoo – Common




Valentine 2017:


Gentle Valentine – Common

 Pooky Valentine - Common

 Paddy Valentine – Rare

 Tottles Valentine – Very Rare

 Winkie Valentine – Rare

Lala Valentine – Rare



 Agape – Rare

 Amor -  Rare

 Devotion – Rare

 Eros - Rare





RainbowPride (sold from pack; breeds as JollyBear)


GrumpyPride (sold from pack; breeds as GrumpyBear)


GrumpyBear (inherited, common)


JollyBear (inherited, common)


LeoBear (inherited, rare)


UnBearable (inherited, rare)



Special Releases:


Valentine 2016 - (Inherited Only) 




Common Eyes:


Blue, Gold, Green, Ice, Red.




Rare Eyes:


Avocado, Bee, Berries, Dodo, Elephant, Fish, Fuzzy, Giraffe, Kiwi, Mountain, Papaya, Pomegranate, Zebra.




Special Eyes:


(Inherited Only)



To view images :  oYo Bears     Thank you to all who helped with photos



*All Tamed Bears are rare. You have a 1 in 30 chance of getting a tamed bear. Tamed bears can follow you around.