Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual Moyos! In the following guide we prepared 

a few hints and recommendations for the use and care of your new .:oYo:. Moyo. 




- New Moyos grow to mature within 2 days. 

- When rezzed your Moyo can be configured to walk around in a defined range 

  around its home position

- Sound can be switched on/off

- Moyos can be attached to go for a walk/run 

  (details in section "Walking your Moyo" below)

- Mature Moyos can mate and breed more Moyos 

  (details in section "Breeding" below)

- The owner can change the most important commands and settings with a menu 

  (details in section "Using the Menu" below)

- Food consumption: one unit per hour

  (details in section "Food, Medicine and Cream" below)


Food, Medicine, Injections and Cream


Please visit one of our .:oYo:. shops to purchase a stock of food, medicine and cream

- Food consumption: one unit per hour per Moyo. 

- To increase the fevor of the Moyos, 100 units of cream are required

- If your Moyo is becoming ill, medicine is required

- If your Moyo goes into a coma an injection is required.

If your Moyo is absent (i.e. asleep in your inventory), the consumed food units are subtracted when it is rezzed again (to a min. of 3 units). 

Very long absence can affect the health of your Moyo!


Using the Menu


The following buttons are available as a control menu for the owner of a Moyo. Right click and Touch your Moyo to open the menu dialog.

The following items can be selected from the menu: 


Walk on/off: 

Switch the individual walking of your Moyo on and off. 

When switched on the Moyo will walk around on your parcel within the configured range you choose around the home position you set. 

The first line of the menu will not be available when you attached the Moyo for a walk. 


Set Range: 

This submenu is used to define a walk range for your Moyo. 


Set Home: 

Set the home location


Go Home: 

Moves your Moyo to the home location



Move Moyo to default attach position (only when attached to a walk).


Sound on/off: 

Switch the sound on and off. 


Play Sound 

Make your Moyo purr happily.

Only available if sound is switched on.


Title on/off/compact: 

Switch the floating title on and off.

Then attached for walking the title is always hidden. 



Change the name of your Moyo to something more individual. Please keep names short.


Phantom on/off:

Make your Moyo phantom to avoid strange interactions with avatars and other rezzed objects.



Gives out this notecard - just in case you lost it. 



Says some information about your Moyo to the owner chat. 

This includes parent names, coat, eye color and the version number.



Close the menu. 




When you rezzed the Moyo from the bundles they will take 2 days to grow to mature, and 2 more days (with support of cream) to increase their fevor and make them mate. 

Hopefully after a 5 days pregnancy your Moyo will have a little Moyo, which is delivered to our inventory in a bundle. 

Rez the bundle in chat range of the mother Moyo and it should retrieve the configuration of the new Moyo. If you then click "Birth" from the menu, your new Moyo is rezzed and configured.



If your bundle is getting lost before you can rez it, please contact any oYo Staff Team member for a replacement.

Moyo retire at 120 days and can not mate anymore. They no longer require food once retired.  Pregnancy may complete beyond 120, but will retire immediately after.



------------------------------          MOYO COATS, EYES & COLLARS         ------------------------------   


Pre Orders Distributed Dec.12, 2020

Release Dec.15, 2020

Beta Gift March 9, 2021



Onyx - Common

Sphynx - Common 

Stitch - Common

Enigma - Rare


Bubbles -Common 

Blue Merle - Common

Lunar - Common

Safari - Common 

Bubblegum - Rare

Grey Camo - Rare

Inca - Rare

Harlequin - Very Rare


SPECIAL PRE ORDER COATS  (only available in Pre Order Pack, 50/50 chance at either coat, 1 per pack)

Petal - does not pass

Blossom - does not pass


Indigo - Rare

Sage - Rare

Blume - Rare


VALENTINES 2021 (Random drop, Feb.13-17, 2021)

CuoreBlue - Common


CuorePink - Very Rare

CuoreRed - Rare


BETA METALLICS (March 9, 2021, Beta Gift)

Silver Beta - Beta Gift (passes as Offspring Silver)


Offspring Silver - Common

Steel Blue - Rare

Copper - Rare

Rose Gold - Very Rare


ST. PATRICK'S 2021 - STEAMPUNK METALLICS (Mar.17-31, 2021)


Dublin - Common as LE

Blarney - Common as LE


*Purple Oxide - Common (may also appear as Purple Anodized)

Fools Gold - Common

*Tarnished - Common. (may also appear as Tarnished Copper)

Blue Ocher - Rare

Electrum - Rare

Pink Zinc - Rare

Brass Red - Rare

Alloy Red - Very Rare

Molten Metal - Very Rare

Purple Alloy - Very Rare

Blarney - Endangered

Dublin - Endangered

(* Names shortened do to SL constraints)


LEOPARD (Jan.1, 2022 - ) Collar trait introduced

Fridolin (Common)

Arthur (Common)

Theodore (Common)

Dagobert (Rare)

Fritz (Rare)

Rupert (Rare)

Wendelin (Very Rare)

Erwin (Very Rare)

Hugo (Very Rare)

Egon (Endangered)

Horst (Endangered)


GIRAFFE (Oct. 2, 2022)


Zarafa - Common

Geoffrey - Common



Camara - Common

Jafari - Common

Tafari - Rare

Faizah - Rare

Zaire - Rare

Nomble - Rare

Pyotr - Very Rare

Melman - Very Rare

Adama - Very Rare

Nubian - Endangered


420 (April 20, 2023)


Spliff - Common

Sweet Leaf - Common



Black Kush - Common

Stash - Common

Maui Wowie - Rare

Doobie - Rare

Ganja - Rare

Marley - Very Rare

Snoop - Very Rare

Blotto - Very Rare

Trippy - Very Rare





1 / Earth

2/  Lightening

3/ Emerald

4/ Aqua

5/ Ocean

6/ Flame (Rare)

7/ Thunder

8/ Pink Sparkle

9/ Topaz (Rare)

10/ Ruby

11/ Blossom (Traited-Rare, from Blossom)

12/ Petal (Traited-Rare, from Petals)

13/ BlueHeart (Traited, Valentine 2021)

14/ PinkHeart (Traited, Valentine 2021)

15/ GreenHeart (Traited, Valentine 2021) 

16/ Steel (Common, from Metallics)

17/ Copper (Common, from Metallics)

18/ Camel (Common, from 420 2023)

19/ Aztec (Common, from 420 2023)



Black (Common)

Brown (Common)

Blue (Rare)

Red (Rare)

HeartBlack (Very Rare)

HexagonBlack (Very Rare)



To view images : oYo Moyo