With the "purity" update the breedable horses have a new property, which is tracking purity of the coat inheritance.

The trait indicating several inheritance levels:

  • N0 means it is a complete mix: both parents have a different coat than the offspring.
  • P1...P<n> is a pure offspring if in the <n>th generation.
  • M1...M<n> indicated a direct inheritance line from the mother's side.
  • F1...F<n> indicated a direct inheritance line from the father's side.

Let me make a few examples.

When it is a pure offspring, meaning coat of offspring, mother and dad is the same, it will be a P1.

If two P1 parents have a pure offspring it will be P2. Two P2 parents can have a N0 or a P3 offspring. And so on.

If you have an offspring that has same coat as father, but different than mother, it will be F1.

A M1 mother may again have a M2 offspring. Two P2 parents with different coats can have a N0 or a M3 or a F3 offspring, depending if the offspring inherits father or mother coat - or none of both.

Purity will be indicated in the Horse Info and it will impact the inheritance:

If parents of an offspring have the same coat and they are both at least P2 the offspring will have 100% the same coat and becomes P3. If mother is at least F4 the chance for a F5 is better that for a N0 or F1 to inherit the father's coat. Same for M4 etc.