Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual horses! In the following guide we have
a few hints and recommendations for the use and care of your .:oYo:. Horse.


  • Horses grow to mature within 5 days.
  • Horses can breed from 5 to 120 days old.
  • A horse pregnancy lasts for 5 days after which a bundle will be sent to you. The bundle must be rezzed next to the mother to configure, it can then be stored in your inventory. Bundles do not need to be birthed
  • When rezzed your horse can be configured to walk around in a defined range around its home position
  • Sound can be switched on/off
  • Mature horses can be ridden. Speed can be increased by riding, exercising on a treadmill, or consuming carrots.
  • The owner can change the most important commands and settings with a menu
  • Food consumption: one unit per hour. Fevor consumption 2 units per hour.
  • At 120 days old your horse will retire and can be kept as a pet with no need for food.

Horse Riding - 2 Methods

1) You can simply wear your horse to ride.

Please note:

  • Your horse must be attached to the spine to ride it.
  • Only mature horses may be ridden
  • Make sure your AO is switched off
  • avoid wearing your horse when teleporting

2) You can rez out your horse, right click and choose ride. This is the preferred racing method.

  • You can switch from CRUISE MODE to RACE MODE by pressing PAGE DOWN. Press again to return to CRUISE MODE.
  • You can build your horses speed by riding, exercising on a treadmill or using carrots.

Food, Medicine and Salt

Please visit one of our .:oYo:. shops to purchase a stock of food, medicine and salt.

  • Food consumption: one unit per hour per horse.
  • To increase the fevor of the horses, salt is required, 100 units of salt is needed per horse for a breeding. Sugar can be used to boost fevor.
  • If your horse is becoming ill, medicine is required
  • If your horse is in a coma an injection is required. If your horse retires in a coma an injection will not revive it.

If your horse is absent (i.e. asleep in your inventory), the consumed food units are subtracted when it is rezzed again (to a min. of 3 units). Very long absence can affect the health of your horse!


If you require guidance or help for your oYo horse you can select the horse menu and select the help button. A Notecard containing useful information and a guide will be sent straight to you. However if you still cannot find the answer to an issue you have please contact the oYo Help Group in world.



When you rezzed the horse from a bundle it will take 5 days to grow until is is mature, and 2 more days (with support of salt) to increase the fevor and make it mate.

After a 5 days pregnancy your horse will get a foal, which is delivered to our inventory in a breeder bundle.

Rez the breeder bundle in chat range of the mother and it should retrieve the configuration of the new horse. If you then click “Birth” from the menu, your new horse is rezzed and configured. You do not need to birth it immediately, you can store it in inventory once the bundle is configured.