Dodo Coats


Flibbertigibbet Blues - Common

Flibbertigibbet Brownie Batter- Common

Flibbertigibbet Cherry - Common

Flibbertigibbet Cognac - Common

Flibbertigibbet Cotton Candy - Common

Flibbertigibbet Grapel - Common

Flibbertigibbet Melberlime - Common

Flibbertigibbet Orange - Common

Flibbertigibbet Purple - Common



Goombah Ashen - Common

Goombah Cyan - Common

Goombah Dahlia - Common

Goombah Greenie - Common

Goombah Neon - Common

Goombah Purple - Common

Goombah Truffle - Commom

Goombah Velvet - Common


Rainbow Wing Coats: 

Atrox with Rainbow Wings - Rare

Flibbertigibbet Brownie Batter with Rainbow Wings- Common

Flibbertigibbet Cherry with Rainbow Wings - Common

Flibbertigibbet Cotton Candy with Rainbow Wings - Common

Flibbertigibbet Grapel with Rainbow Wings - Common

Flibbertigibbet Melberlime with Rainbow Wings - Common

Goombah Ashen with Rainbow Wings - Common

Goombah Dahlia with Rainbow Wings - Common 

Goombah Greenie with Rainbow Wings - Common

Goombah Truffle with Rainbow Wings - Common

Goombah Velvet with Rainbow Wings – Common

Jubatus with Rainbow Wings – Rare 

Monk with Rainbow Wings – Very Rare

Pardus with Rainbow Wings – Rare



Atrox – Rare

Jubatus – Rare

Monk – Very Rare

Pardus - Rare



Fairy Pink – Rare

Fairy White – Very Rare



Fancy Orange – Rare

Fancy Pink – Very Rare 

Fancy Red – Rare



Indra - Coat does not pass


Rainbow Green - Inherited Only

Rainbow Fuchsia - Inherited Only 

Rainbow Purple - Inherited Only 

Rainbow Yellow - Inherited Only


Mystic (Inhertited Only): 

Mystic Beige – Common

Mystic Blue – Rare

Mystic Kiwi – Rare

Mystic Pink – Rare

Mystic Red - Rare

Mystic Royal – Common



Ombre Light Blue – Inherited Only

Ombre Light Green – Inherited Only

Ombre Light Pink – Inherited Only

Ombre Light Purple – Inherited Only 

Ombre Light Yellow - Inherited Only

Ombre Pink – Rare



Spotted Blue – Common & Inherited

Spotted Red – Very Rare

Spotted White – Common & Inherited


Spring (Inherited Only): 

Spring Beige – Rare

Spring Black - Rare 

Spring Blue – Common 

Spring Green - Rare

Spring Pink – Rare

Spring Purple - Rare

Spring Red – Common 

Spring Yellow – Common


T4T Mini Release: 

Car4Tots – Common (Coat will not pass)

Doll4Tots – Common (Coat will not pass) 

Pony4Tots - Rare (Coat will not pass)

Teddy4Tots – Rare (Coat will not pass)


PaintApricot – Rare & Inherited Only 

PaintBlue – Rare & Inherited Only

PaintPink – Rare & Inherited Only

PaintYellow – Rare & Inherited Only


Easter 2017: 

PaschaSpring - Common

PaskoEaster - Common

Easter 2017 offspring: 

Buddy - (Common, Inherited from PaskoEaster)

Chrystal (Common, Inherited from PaschaSpring)

Elmo (Rare, Inherited)

Ocra (Rare, Inherited)

Skittles (Rare, Inherited) 


Special Releases:

RFL Limited - Passed Rainbow Wings to Offspring 

Rainbow – Very Rare

Winter 2014 - Coat will not pass

Xmas Black 2014 - Coat will not pass

Xmas Light 2014 - Coat will not pass

Valentine 2015 - Coat does not pass

Easter 2015 – Coat doesn’t pass

Primrose – Inherited from Easter 2015

Mothers Day 2015– Coat doesn’t pass

MomsBaby – Inherited from Mothers Day 2015

StPatrick 2015 – Coat doesn’t pass

Kerry – Inherited from Statrick 2015 

ThanksGiving 2015 – Coat doesn’t pass 

TurkeyPink – Rare & Inhertited Only from thanks giving 2015

oYo 2nd Birthday – Coat doesn’t pass

BDJunior – Inherited from 2nd Birthday

Donald - Rare

Ivanka - Rare

President - Rare


Summer Bloom 2018:


Daisy (common, also passed)
Tulip (rare, also passed)

Rose (rare)


Xmas 2021: (free xmas gift, could be any coat)

XmasWrap - Common

XmasTree - Rare

XmasLights - Rare

XmasSweater - Very Rare

DodoSanta - Very Rare


XmasCreme - Commom

XmasGreen - Rare

XmasBlue - Rare

XmasRed - Very rare

XmasOrange - Very rare


Easter 2023: 

LE: (do not pass)



(eyes: Custard, Peep - both common)


AC - Common

BlackChrome - Common

BlackCurrant - Common

DC - Rare

BlackForest - Rare

BlackIce - Rare

BlackCherry - Rare

BlackPlum - Very Rare

BknBlk - Very Rare

BlackRaspberry - Very rare

BlknBlu - Very Rare

BlackGold - Very rare


Dodo Eyes:

Common Eyes:

Aum, Beige, Blossom, Cinnamon, Custard, Eggplant, Emerald, Flan, Limon, OmbreSpring, Orchid, Peep, Robinsegg, Royal, SpotBlue, SpotRed, XmasCreme.

 Rare Eyes:

Aurora, Ball, BloodMoon, BloodRain, Blue, ElectricPurple, FancyOrange, FancyRed, Golden, Grace, Ice, Kiwi, OmbrePink, Pink, Red, Ruby, Snow, World, XmasBlue, XmasGreen.

Very Rare Eyes:

XmasOrange, XmasRed 

Special Eyes (Inherited Only):

Easter, MotherChild, RFL, Shamrock, Sweetheart, Thanks(Rare), Valentine(Rare). Ombrespring

*Coats & Eyes can be on both Minis and Usual size Dodos*


To View Images  : oYo Dodos. Thank you to all those who helped