133k was the magic number on Friday 25th September in a special RFL oYo auction that saw the launch of team oYo for RFL.

The breeders came out in force to support not only RFL but oYo with this amazing auction. Breeders had donated bundles of fuzzies, horses and dogs to this special event along with 3 individual special unicorns which are part of a set of only 20 that will all be sold with ALL proceeds going to RFL donated by oYo directly. 

The auction house was full of people looking to show their support and take themselves home some great new additions to their breeding lines as well. Naturally the 3 unique unicorns grabbed the headlines with the last one going for 40,000 izzies. 

It was a great time for team oYo and RFL, but dont fear if you missed out on that auction theer will be more RFL events to come from Team oYo and of course on Sunday 4th October you will be able to try and secure yourself one of these special unicorns as well as part of the breeders fare with the proceeds heading to RFL for the sale of these horses. 

If you would like to have a Team oYo RFL donation kiosk on your land please contact Martin Glom or Kels or Matt Foxclaw in world. 

oYo would like to sincerely thank everyone who donated and all those who attended the auction. We have a great community and it is moments like this that show everyone just how much love you have for your breedables. Well done to all involved you do oYo proud.