Dear breeders,

for all friends of the more fantastic pets we have a really special offer for you: the colored unicorns. These come with 5 coat colors, pink, blue, green, orange and purple and four Dragon eyes in the colors pink, blue, green and orange.

There will be a plain color version and a decorated version with socks, wich will be unique: there will be 20 unicorns with all possible combinations. They breed to the plan colored version and pass the eyes to their foals.

And all these 20 special unicorns will be sold or auctioned with 100% of the sales donated to the fundraising project ‪#‎RFL‬ (Relay for Life). oYo appreciates all activities and committment to help in the support of that fundraising project and we want to contribute a little with these pets.

Follow the announcement in groups, in Facebook or on our website for more information about the events. And reserve the 2.-4. October 2015 to visit the oYo sims in ‪#‎InWorldz‬, participate on the events, bid for one of our specials or buy one of our special sales offers!

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
and your excited oYo Staff Team members