Dear Breeders,

We are inviting you to take a photo of you and your fave oYo Breedable and enter it into our contest.
The picture should include the entrant and ANY oYo Breedable/s (ONLY) in any setting or environment you wish or doing one of your most liked activities.
So if you like taking your dog dancing or your dodo for a picnic then share your snaps with us.

Please ensure all photos are suitable for public viewing (no avatar nudity).

There is an entry box in the location below along with a couple of ideas to give you an example of what we are looking for. The contest is open to ALL oYo Breeders and will run for 2 weeks (until Friday 25th September) when we will be asking you to vote for your favourite snap shots from the best entries. So let your imagination run wild and get your entries in.

The winner will receive a special winners pack with 2 runner up prizes as well.

Let us all see how much you love your oYo pets.

Entry box here:

Please name your snapshot by your avatars name.

Good Luck and I hope to see some great entries from you ALL.

Kels & oYo Events Team.