We invited all our breeders and staff to take to the racetrack yesterday for some fun racing as well as a big prize payout Horse race. We split the racing in two sections All Staff Racing & All Breeders Racing. 


Each section held the same prize. We had 3 fun races, Saber, Elephant and Dodo each carrying a 1st - 3rd place trophy and a ribbon for everyone and we finished with a 5k first place horse race, 3500 for second and 1500 for third each with a trophy as well and a ribbon for all. 


We drew quite a crowd, not everyone is confident enough to ride themselves yet but these races certainly caught the interest of alot of people so in the future i think we will see more come along to enter even just the fun races and my goodness we did have fun.


We kicked off with the Saber fun race and let the staff go first to set an example to the breeders on how the track worked, however looking at the race times for each im not sure it was needed, the breeders seemed on fire yesterday.


Here are a full list of results and race times, most the races were very close it was down to the wire at times and we even had a tie for first!:





Staff Saber Race


1st - Matt Foxclaw: 1:03.38


2nd - Luna Stormfeather in 1:03.81


Breeders Saber Race


1st -  Jewel Odenial in 0:57.52


2nd - Rowdy ReeseJr in 0:57.81 


3rd - Nebby Newman in 1:01.95




Staff Elephant Race


1st - Matt Foxclaw in 1:01.64


2nd -  Luna Stormfeather in 1:02.98 


Breeders Elephant Race


1st - Rowdy ReeseJr in 0:55.72 


2nd - Jewel Odenial in 0:56.67


3rd - Nebby Newman in 1:24.98




Staff Dodo Race


1st - Kels Foxclaw in 0:56.86


1st - Matt Foxclaw in 0:56.86 


2nd - Luna Stormfeather in 1:02.61 


Breeder Dodo Race


1st - Jewel Odenial in 0:54.39


2nd - Rowdy ReeseJr in 0:55.09 


3rd - Nebby Newman in 0:56.73 




Finally The Horse Race was 3 times round the track. 


Staff Horse Race


 1st - Matt Foxclaw on kissmybass in 0:53.93 


 2nd - Kels Foxclaw on Khanona in 1:45.92 


 3rd Luna Stormfeather on Marian in 4:28.90 


 There was a clear winner Matt lead the race from the off and romped home without any issues bagging himself 5000 izzies. However some of those bends proved tricky for Kels & Luna but all made it back safely.


Breeders Horse Race


The breeders race didnt go as planned, sadly people dropped out and having not ever raced a horse before those there watching were keen to get some practise first before competing. So Rowdy ReeseJr was about to go unchallenged until an appeal to the crowd saw Matt Foxclaw step up and give little RJ a race. They were off with Matt taking an early lead but RJ stayed calm and composed to snatch first place and scoop 5000 izzies:


1st - Rowdy ReeseJr on RACER 16 RJ HORSE in 1:12.07 


2nd - Matt Foxclaw on kissmybass in 1:19.24




It was quite the day at the races and we hope that people will now come join us for more racing in the near future. The track is open to all.