We painted the town green yesterday at our Inworldz St Patricks Day Party. Our breeders turned out in their finest green threads and we stuck up 3k on the contest board while our fantastic DJ Aurora played us some top tunes from the Emerald Isle.

The luck of the Irish was with several of our breeders as we had 5 raffle prize winners. First up was a pack of the BRAND NEW Splatter Pigs which went to Aurora Grayson, then Cato Oh took home a pack of the NEW St Patrick Tigers. Then we had 2 special horses up for grabs which were part of our naming contest for the Mustangs. We had Turmeric and Cherry Bomb, a Curry and a Red Mustang. Cara Bethia took home Turmeric and Cherry Bomb went home with Trynatie Mason. Our final raffle winner took home 2 new St Patrick Days Fuzzys which was Rowdy Reese.

After we danced our green shoes off all that was left to do was to vote for our favorite outfit which was split between 3 winners. Zandreah Montaho took the top spot with Ritzy Reese and Trynatie Mason splitting the remaining spoils.

A fun time was had by all the craic was great and the music got us all dancing.

If you think you missed out, YOU DID, but don't worry we will be back again on Sunday April 16th to do it all over again for Easter, so find those bunny ears and join us.