Dear oYo breeders,

don't forget to give a Valentine present to your loved! oYo Breedables prepared a few offers for you:

  • A special "Valentine2017" Fuzzy in the design of our recent "Crazy" coats,
  • A pair of bears:
    PookyValentine (common)
    GentleValentine (common)
    PaddyValentine (rare)
    WinkieValentine (rare)
    and the last year Valentine (very rare)
  • A pair of horses:
    Black Valentine (Hair: ValentineBlack)
    White Valentine (Hair: ValentineWhite)

And on request we also sell the Valentine cat from last year in our InWorldz Cat Shop. (And don't forget to register your Valentine Gift request in IW!)

Happy Breeding!

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
and your friendly oYo Staff Team members