We asked our Inworlds residents to celebrate the festive period with their oYo breedables and they were ony more than happy to get them involved in some festive fun taking plenty photos to show us just how they spoil their favourite pets.

We really enjoyed looking at how the new snowflake horse pulled breeder Emma Fuller round on her sleigh while she delivered Santa's presents, and how CSRs Katia Tyrell commanded her elephants in the snow and Phayze Mirage made snow angels as her horses gathered on mass to watch.

However our overall winner was Zandreah Montago who as you can see by the picture below enjoyed chilling in the snow with her 3 Great Danes after a long walk with plenty of snowballs being chased. 

Well done to all our entrants who get a little treat from santas sack and zandreah who finds a little extra stuff in her stocking.