We welcomed in the latest addition to the New V2 Horse Line, The Natives. The native comes in different coats and 2 different eyes. The Coats are the White, Brown, Chocolate (rare) and Black (rare). These are available for a limited time so make sure to get yours while you can at the horse store.

To celebrate the arrival our breeders bash took on the feel of a native american theme with 1k on the contest board to give away for those who dressed the part, our highest voted native was Angel Dastardly..

There was a nice turn out by the passionate breeders of these V2 horses who always get behind the launches. We had 4 raffle as well, DJ Niteshade won a new pack of the V2 horses, North Glenwalker took home 3 V1 native bundles donated by Kels Foxclaw, the single native V2 horse went to EvaLou BlackRoses and finally Katia Tyrell was the lucky winner of the 4 pack of natives.

It was a fun time had by all, and in 2 weeks we will hold another bash with the theme being Movies.

So if you can make sure to join us then 12-2, and don't forget to collect your NEW Native horses.