Saturday saw the oYo inworldz community celebrating its second birthday with a day of fun.

To celebrate hitting the terrible 2's the oYo team released a FREE celebration piggie, you can collect one inworldz too from the pig store. Alongside a birthday DODO which look amazing and are available for a limited time only from the dodo store.

We then had a succession of racing which proved so much fun the racing will now be a quarterly event complete with an honours role board. Our winners were:

.:oYo:. Birthday Dodo Flat Race

1st - Matt Foxclaw
2nd - Kels Foxclaw
3rd - Stang McMasters

.:oYo:. Birthday Horse Flat Race

1st - Stang McMasters
2nd - Luna Stormfeather
3rd - Kels Foxclaw

.:oYo:. Birthday Elephant Flat Race

1st - Stang McMasters
2nd - Luna Stormfeather
3rd - DJ Niteshade

.:oYo:. Birthday Saber Flat Race

1st - Kels Foxclaw
2nd - Stang McMasters
3rd - DJ Niteshade

The Digital Pixal Horse Hurdle Race

1st - Stang McMasters
2nd - Luna Stormfeather
3rd - DJ Niteshade

All runners and riders returned safe and we hope to see more entrants for the summer racing. 

Then we had 2 Best In Breed Shows, one for the horses and one for the wild cats, celebrating old and new breeds alike. 

The Kitten Mirror Best In Breed Horse Show and the .:oYo.: Birthday Wilds Show were judged by Kittens partner, Kelp Fish, who had a tough job ahead of him as there was so many great entries in both catagories. The results were:

The Kitten Mirror Best In Breed Horse Show

1st - Mystic Serenia
2nd - Elena Surprise
3rd - DJ Nitehade and Luna Stormfeather.

.:oYo:. Birthday Wilds Show

1st - Hunter Divine
2nd - Matt Foxclaw
3rd - Elena Surprise

Finally we rounded the celebrations off with a great birthday party. We had 3 different themes for each hour with 1000 izzies on the contest board for each as well. Kicking off we had DJ Kels with Best In Tattoos, which saw the prize money split between DJ Niteshade, Lizziejoy Dastardly and Lorrayna Falls, during which time we enjoyed some old school rock tunes.

Then DJ Matt had us shivering our timbers with a Best In Pirate theme and a playlist full of pirate tunes that got even back beard tapping his one leg. The prize was split again between Lorrayna Falls, DJ Niteshade, Lizziejoy Dastardly, Stang McMasters, Matt Foxclaw and Desiree Stark.

Lastly but by no means least, DJ Kels pulled on her tracksuit, donned her trainers and played us some power walking tracks as we dressed in Best In Sportswear with the prize being split between Desiree Stark, Lizziejoy Dastardly and DJ Niteshade. 

During the 3 hours we also had 12 raffle winners taking home animal packs. If you missed our 2nd birthday you really missed out. However we will be back next year for our 3rd birthday. You can also join us for a breeders bash inworld on 3rd April as we get our grove on to everything orange.