Dear oYo Breeders, friends and family,

we are looking back to an eventful year for oYo Breedables and the whole breeder community. We started the year by extending the business from horses, cats and dodos to some more pets, starting with the dogs at the beginning of the year. A large set of races followed and the dogs became a really popular breed and a furry friend for many breeders.

Pigs followed, planned to extend the product portfolio to farming. Yes I know - we didn't bring too many new coats for these...

The Fuzzy Buzzies are a bit different. Not limited to "real" looking pets we had a lot of ideas for these furry creatures. Making them play was a bit of challenge for Jenni and with the help of Laika/Lorena who made a lot of mesh things and stuff we could make a lot of toys to make these litte pets happy.

Horses, unicorns and pegasus continued to spread all over the InWorldz grid. Durgama took over the design of new coats and eyes and was making hundreds and hundreds of textures to create all the combinations of eyes on almost every coat we offer.

Under the hood the scripts were improved. New features were added, code merged to the scripts of the other pets. We still have a list of features breeders asked for, but we could improve a lot of important things that people wished for.

The community grew. Kels and Matt joined the staff team and worked hard to form a breeder community with events and auctions. One of the real highlights was the Breedable Fair we organized in InWorldz which was really impressive.

Staff team changes came slower this year. The actual team is really a great group that is working together in a great way and takes a lot of work from Alfredo and Jennis shoulders. A large activity like our great Food Swap wouldn't have been possible without all of them.

The RFL project was one of the things that finally made us proud. We could contribute to the project with a great amount of izzies with donations, auctions and the colored unicorns, which were dedicated to the project. We love to share and it was amazing how the whole oYo community supported us with your excitement to contribute. Thank you all!

Some things are still in preparation and will hopefully be ready soon. We prepared a cat version which is connected to a web database to hold the stats and makes the presence of the mother no longer necessary to get a bundle configured. The oYo Wildz, like tigers, leopards, sabre and elephant are currently in beta test and will be out at the beginning of Januar.

I could talk about a lot more things. In summary looking back I am really happy about everything we could make in the oYo team, to which I want to express my deep appreciation for all the work you did!

And I want to include my thanks to the whole community. Your purchases did not make us rich, but we are thankful for every izzie and linden we received. We thank you for your patience, your trust, your feedback and all the friendly contacts we could enjoy.

Now Christmas is getting close and Santa is looking into the sack to bring the gifts. We prepared two special sales for you: Xmas Fuzzy and Horse packages, which will be for sale now. And we have a Christmas Sleigh (InWorldz only - sorry SL residents!), which can be worn in addition to your oYo horse to take a comfortable ride on a nice winter sim. Visit the Main Shop to get your copy!

We wish you a really wonderful Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2016!

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
and your happy oYo Staff Team members