Dear Breeders,

In the last weeks we started a large activity to update the scripts of all our pets, replace all food, salt, sweets etc. in the grid and provide updaters that allow you to bring your animals to the new version.

All this effort is made to protect ourselves and you from product piracy. Security leaks and copybot viewers allowed people in the past to manipulate data or make copies of "no copy" items.

We are aware, that our provisions will not be able to make the system 100% safe. There will always be people that will try to steal things the don't want to buy. In virtual worlds this is not only stealing from the content providers, that spend a lot of effort and time to make our worlds what they have become. It is also  theft that impacts the whole community of breeders and residents as the things the have spent a lot real money will loose their value. And like it happened in SL that builders give up their business in frustration because they have been deprived of their earned revenue.

With this notice oYo Breedables is making a clear statement: we will no longer make business with people that steal from us!

I think the message is clear and simple. Maybe we make a TOS with this sentence one day.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
and your friendly oYo Staff Team members