Dear oYo Breeders,

As some of you may be aware there have been issues with copy bots and 'hacked' viewers with inworldz that in turn has had an impact on oYo. We have looked at various ways to combat this issue making oYo more secure so everyones hard work in both making and breeding these awesome animals is protected as much as possible.

So our first step is we are changing ALL the FOOD items (including fevor etc) to make them more secure and updated to prevent any further issues.

We understand this will be a huge undertaking for you all and as a result we have the following plan to try and eliminate as many issues as we can. 

We will be releasing an Updater for EVERY BREED along with the new food. ALL ANIMALS will be given a time slot of 2 weeks per breed for you to update all your animals and swap your food and items over for new compatible ones before the old ones are no longer valid. We will swap all consumable items (only valid within the timescale listed) for you and you should start to swap your consumables over as soon as possible along with updating your breedables, however keep a small number for your animals while they are pregnant.


Dodos - 7th November - 21th November

Horses - 12th November - 26th November

Pigs - 19th November - 3rd December

Dogs - 26th November - 10th December

Fuzzies - 3rd December - 17th December

Cats - 10th December - 24th December.

For example On Saturday 7th November an updater for the Dodos will be available. You will need to collect an updater from the Dodo store and contact the on Duty CSR who will then send you out 1 New Food and 1 new Star Fruit to be used while the transfer is being made. You will then need to update ALL of your Dodos apart from the pregnant ones who should be kept with a small bit of old food until they have had their bundles. At that point please ensure you update them. You should keep the old food and older versions together until they can be updated.

The old food and items can be exchanged by contacting a CSR who will talk you through the process. You will be allocated a plot that allows you to rezz the old food and items on. Please rezz them out in full in order for them to be exchanged. Once a check of the items has occurred then you will be sent the correct replacements.

Should you have any problems please contact a CSR. Landmarks will be provided on Saturday along with a notice to advise the swap has now begun.

I must stress that IT IS VITAL that you update ALL your animals as soon as you are able and within that timescale because the food will no longer be available.

This notice will be sent out in chat and to all members of the oYo group. If you know someone who is not a member but has oYo Breedables please ask them to join the group and share this notice.

Please ensure you follow the notes and instructions we are releasing in the following weeks. We will keep you informed about all changes that are coming up. 

Please note for ALL oYo auctions live breedables will only be accepted if they are the latest version for each breed. This will come into effect from the dates above i.e dodo's 21st of November. 

We urge all breeders to follow these guidelines and when buying breedables from other breeders try to ensure they are the latest versions so that they have been bred correctly.

We understand this will be a huge undertaking and inconvenience for everyone however it must be done this way to safeguard the product. 

Thank you,

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
Kels Foxclaw
Matt Foxclaw

and your oYo Staff Team members