oYo Reaches for the stars for RFL

Over recent weeks and at the breeders fair we have auctioned off 20 Unique Unicorns. Each unicorn has one of 5 coats and one of 4 eyes but no 2 are the same. 
The breeders of oYo showed their support for this project as oYo donated every izzie from the sale of these special unicorns to RFL. The total of these combined with the kind donations from our breeders and staff have given Team oYo a total of over 400,000 Izzies.
oYo would like to thank all of their awesome breeders for taking part in this fund raising and helping really make a difference. 
You can still donate to RFL by dropping some izzies, no matter how big or small, into the RFL terminal which can be found at the events area on the oYo sim. 
Once again we thank and salute you all.