We rounded off a weekend of the breeders fair with a 3 hour breeders bash and a cool 3k on the contest board for a back to school theme. 3 was the magic number as we had 3 DJ's as well each doing an hour. We started with Trynatie Carter who rocked our socks off then Matt Foxclaw took the stream over and we partied hard with him and finally Martin Glom wrapped up the session and had us shaking our thang old school style.

We had 4 winners taking home a share of that 3k prize well done to Summer Rose, EvaLou BlackRoses, Stang McMasters and Trynatie Carter

We also had more raffles than you could shake a salt stick at with so many of our breeders taking home some prizes for their much loved oYo breedables. 

Think you missed out? Then join us on Sunday 18th October for a best in Pink contest with DJ Trynatie.