First oYo Horse Races.

We lined up for a fun race, staff and breeders alike today and raced 3 times round the track. It was a close call but Webmaster Matt Foxclaw was just pipped at the post by breeder Digital Pixal who took first place. oYo's own Manager Kels Foxclaw crawled home to take third place.

Everyone looked very nice in their costumes with Digital also coming out on top for her native american costume.

The steeplechase race proved a bit more difficult for our skilled riders.

Taking first place was Digital Pixal followed by Matt Foxclaw in second and Summer Rose took third. All 3 participants took home a trophy and some new horses to raise for future races. It was a hard fought race but the other riders just fell short at the last hurdle. Matt also took home best dressed.

We would love to thank everyone for entering fun was had by all and we will be pitting more races on in the future.