Fuzzy Friday Gets it Freak On

The breeders came out in masses to support fuzzy Friday and the bash with DJ Niteshade as we stuck 1000 izzies on the contest board and invited everyone to get into their best leathers. Digital Pixal took home first place.

We also had a few raffles full of fuzzy stuff including a knitted pack of Fuzzies that went home with Elena Surprise and Noah Kalhoun took home the October toy of the month, both are available to buy in IW now. We also had winners of food and sweets in lorrayna Fall and Mia Duachais and everyone partied hard and had a good time including owner Alfredo Zapatero.

We may be done for today but we are doing it all over again tomorrow when we celebrate the Dodos and the Dogs and round off the day with a best in nightwear contest. So join us IW tomorrow.