Have you got your new patchwork fuzzys yet?

We have just released a brand new breed of fuzzy for all you fuzzy fanatics.

We have the super cute patchworks. 

These starter bundles are available in packs now in your fuzzy store. 

Each pack contains 3 bundles, 1 male and 2 females, food, sweets, a shoulder pet and an great red sofa for your fuzzys to enjoy.

These cute fuzzys come with 4 starter coats, 2 common (beige and purple) and 2 rare (black and green). However there are another 2 coats you can get but this will only happen through breeding and they are the blue and pink.

So what you waiting for time to get breeding those bundles of fun.

Packs available in SL (1500Ls) and in IW (2500Iz).


However as if that wasnt enough we also have a brand new clothing applier available right now to buy in the fuzzy clothing store. This applier is loaded with 6 different fuzzy patchwork outfits so you an complete your new look fuzzys.

Check these out for a very affordable price.


We know you fuzzy fanatics are going to love these new additions.