Bid wars, laughter and surprises were abound at this years auction held June 19, 2022. Ten Ascot and Five Counts race horses were up for grabs. The very horses that had raced the previous days. A raffle was held for a breeding pair of Windsor Grey horses that were only available during this years Ascot. If a horse brought 5k or more the buyer received a food and fevor as well. 10K or higher a 10 pack of food and a 10 pack of fevor. 15k or more received a 10 pack of food, 10 pack of fevor and 5 packs of 5 sugar. An LE pack of 5th Year Ascot or 2nd Year Counts horses were up for grabs from a fishbowl to two lucky attendees. Dirk Danger was guiding the auction as auctioneer and surprised everyone that had entered the fishbowl when they all were winners and received their choice of the horse packs.