We started by closing out Cat napping contest from yesterday and we had great top 3 winners and the competition was stiff:

1. Pebea Destiny 

2. Nebby Newman 

3. Mandy Bluestar

Pebea takes home a trophy and everyone gets some prizes.

But that is not done yet as we will be counting public votes on all our photo entries and awarding the person with the most votes overall a prize at the end of the fayre.


We also opened the pig hunt!


Where we have 14 pigs on the lose over all sims all named some kind of familiar names such as Amy Swinehouse and Ham Solo and the breeders are still looking for all those names. That closes tomorrow at 8am.

Then we tested some of our breeders grey matter on those fuzzy creatures and some general knowledge. We had a top of the class straight A student with 20/20 with Miss Violette Vine!

however the rest of the guys weren't far behind and showed some great knowledge of all that is fuzzy and buzzy.


Finally we held our best in breed shows

Starting with our fuzzies and we had a nice line up and the reign of Queen of Fuzzies Miss Violette Vine continued:

1. Violette Vine 

2. Jewel Odenial 

3. Mandy Bluestar 

Violette even rolled on her winning streak when we asked to see those fuzzies dressed to impress with our Best Dressed Fuzzy Contest:

1. Violette Vine 

2. Mandy Bluestar 

3. Trynatie Mason 

And finally we closed out day 3 with our Best In Breed for Pigs, and my we have alot of piggy lovin, but our top 3 were:

1. Aurora Grayson 

2. Mystic Serenia 

3. Jewel Odenial 


Tomorrow brings us the bears so hide those picnic baskets and join us fr more fun.