Day 1 - Breeders Fayre stars with a Bang!

We kicked off our 3rd annual inworldz breeders fayre on Sunday with a 2 hour long dance-athon with DJ Glom. Martin is a long time oYo breeder and set the bar high for the rest of the week with his fantastic dance remixes. Whie we were dancing our glowsticks off we raised some funds for RFL with donations coming in fast from party goers. We also ran a contest with 3k on the board for a Best In Animal theme and we matched that donation in the pot for RFL.

We had 1 lucky winner, Jewel, who took a huge chunk of the prize pot with 3 fantastic runner ups taking the rest of the spoils Pebea, Pan and Phayze.


Our first day also focused on the Wildcats. We asked our breeders to line u their best in 3 seperate catagories, Tigers (W1), Leopards (W2) and Sabers (W3). We had a great turn out, so nice to see so many different coats displayed. We had 3 guest judges from the community as well cast their eye over the entries to form the first winners for the weeks Best In Breeds.

Our top threes were:

Tigers W1

1, Phayze Mirage

2. Mystic Serenia

3. Trynatie Mason

Leopards W2

1, Kels Foxclaw

2. Jewel Odenial

3, Matt Foxclaw

Sabers W3

1. Jewel Odenial

2. Trynatie Mason

3. Kels Foxclaw

Winners have been sent some treats and trophies and all entrants have been sent a ribbon and a token for entering.


We also held some fun Saber Racing where we took to the track on our tamed sabers and raced round the track twice to get our winner. That was alot of fun, nobody fell off and nobody got lost. Our overall winners were:

1st Jewel

2nd Trynatie

3rd Pan


We had a great start to the week long fun of the fayre come long and have some fun with us.