Dear breeders,
dear oYo family,

We all were in shock after the terror attack of Manchester. Especially the fact that many young people and even kids were innocent victims made us very sad. Alfredo was the one that did express his feelings quickly by making a special coat for the oYo Horses that we released as special edition in order to give a visible sign against terror and violence, and of course to raise some funds to express our support for all survivors, their families and the people that were involved to save and heal the wounds of the attack.

We are overwhelmed from the result of the campaign: The sales of the Limited editions horses, the auctions of the OOAK and several breedables that were donated and the many donations we collected in the donation boxes was a big surprise for all of us.

We collected a total of 358.431 Linden Dollars in #SecondLife and a total of 392.421 Izzies in #InWoldz, which resulted in the amazing sum of 2.058,55 US Dollars.

The amount of £1532.50 was fowarded to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital now. We have some words to share with you from Joel Oxberry who is the RMCH Corp Fundraising Manager.

'This is amazing! It’s incredible to see virtual Humphrey Bear raising so much money for the victims of the attack.

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital was one of several hospitals which received admissions from the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. Having the only dedicated paediatric accident and emergency in Manchester and a regional paediatric and adult Major Incident Centre, we received a high number of children and subsequent family members to care for across our hospitals.

The response from oYo Breedables in the wake of what happened is overwhelming. It is so humbling to have this offer of support for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary, our patients, their families and our staff during this very difficult time. oYo Breedbales’ generous donation will be used to support our hospital in excelling in areas of treatment, research and care not just through this difficult time, but long into the future.'

The complete letter can be found here.

We are really thankful for all your contributions and donations. We are grateful for Kels Foxclaw and Cato Oh, our managers, who did organize all the activities and auctions nd helped us collect the money. And e are very proud of our breeder's community that showed one more time, what is possible when people share their support and involvement for this great action.

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
and your happy oYo Staff team members