We kicked off the voting for the Bears last week with a selection of Original and newer coats on display to choose from. We had a clear winner from the off a very popular choice and a very realistic coat while there was a battle with only a point in it for 3rd and 4th. The results were:


1st - Black Bear = 32 points


2nd - Light Beige Bear = 20 points


3rd - Dark Brown Bear = 18 points


4th - Beige Bear = 17 points


        Gray Bear = 17 points


6th - Bright Bear = 6 points


7th - Light Brown Bear = 5 points


8th - Brown Bear = 2 points


It’s very close between 2nd and 5th place but no mistaking who is king of this round of honey pot lovers. We have more bears ready to pose for your votes right now so pop over to the reception area and cast your vote for your favourite.