(Inworldz advert) We are very excited to bring these fantastic horses to Inworldz!


If you would like to join the beta testers for the V2.5 horses all you need to do to enter is pop a note card in the mail box next to the new horses at the reception area, telling us why you would like to be a beta tester for these horses.
We are looking for individuality, maybe you are lighthearted or even add a touch of humour or maybe you have a simple reason why you are the best choice for beta testing. Whatever it is we want to know. 
Entries close 12pm on 12th May. Beta testing will commence 15th May. All winners will be chosen and announced before testing begins and winners contacted directly. 
If you want any further information please contact Kels Foxclaw via IM.
Please visit the new horses at the reception area, i hope you fall in love with them just as we have.