Appaloosa Votes

The appaloosas were the next of the horse coats to line up for the voting and its no surprise to see the top spot has been taken by one of the leo-appy coats as they have been adored by so many people since they came along.


The results are as follows:

 1st - Leo-Black Appaloosa = 48 points.

2nd Leo-White Appaloosa = 33 points.

3rd - Chestnut Appaloosa = 14 points.


4th - Black Appaloosa = 13 points.

5th - White Appaloosa = 10 points.

6th - Leo-Beige Appaloosa = 6 points.

7th - Sand Appaloosa = 2 points.

So nice to see all of the coats taking at least a couple points but there are a couple of clean favorites of these appaloosas that’s for sure with a huge difference between 2nd and 3rd on the points tally.

We carry on with the Ombre coats now.