Rainbow Saber Results


We put the rainbow Sabers under the spotlight and opened up the voting for everyone. The results were quite surprising considering the first place here only finished 4th on the colored Saber coat voting and 2nd place from the colored voting was last here!


The full results are as follows:

1st - PurpleDark Rainbow = 24 points.

2nd - Cardinal Rainbow = 18 points.

3rd - Peach Rainbow = 16 points.

4th - NightSkye Rainbow = 12 points.

5th - Baby Blue Rainbow = 11 points.

5th - Emerald Rainbow = 11 points.

5th - PinkPride Rainbow =  11 points.

8th - Dark Grey Rainbow = 5 points.

3 all sharing 5th place and the points very tightly spread out shows those coats appeal to everyone is different ways. 

Bear Voting has now opened.