Our Inworldz Easter weekend events drew to a close with a Photo contest celebrating our stunning breederables enjoying the springtime. We asked our breeders and staff to open up their imaginations and show us how their animals are enjoying the full bloom of springtime.


We offered everyone a chance to vote of the ones that they loved and this is how they turned out.


For the breeders joint first place for Zandreah & Mandy with 10 votes each.


Jewel took 3rd place with 9 votes


and with 5 votes Chloe snatched 4th.




Over at the staff voting out in first place was Katia with 10 votes.?




Luna Came in 2nd with 8 votes




and both getting 6 votes each tied for third place was Rowdy & Phayze







While the voting has closed the photos will remain up in the oYo Main Auction House for a couple of weeks.