We took to the track today to have some festive racing and alot of fun and giggles were had by all those who attended.

We had 4 races, horses, dodos, sabers and elephants, and we even raised some money for toys for tots while doing so. 

First up was the V2 horse racing with speed 100 horses our jockeys hit the track very quickly with our own Matt Foxclaw taking the top spot followed by Katia Tyrell then Luna Stormfeather. Next up and the sabers were on the loose with Thony Naharis taking 1st, Matt in second and Luna in third. The elephants sounded the alarm next and strolled onto victory at least for Thony, followed by Katia and Luna and finally the ver amusing dodo race saw Thony steam into 1st followed by katia and luna once again. Thony was taking names today but it was all alot of fun. Make sure to join us next time.