As a memory of the summer of '69 we prepared a little set of Hippie Phants as a special release. T

he Pack out in the Elephant main shop for sale consists of 2 special bundles, food and peanuts, with the following traits:

Green Earth (common)
Peace Elephant (common)
Love Elephant (rare)
Op Art Elephant (rare)

New eyes: GreenEarth (common), Peace (common), Love (rare), OpArt (rare)

Offsprings of these will be:

Earth Kid (common)
Peace Kid (common)
Love Kid (rare)
Op Art Kid (rare)
Rasta Phant (rare)
Psychodelic (rare)

Second Life:

We will hold a release party tomorrow Friday 7/15/16... 10:30am to 12:30pm with our very own Dj Alva!!

Best in hippie contest winner will receive a pack of Hippie Phants!!

We will also have elephant trivia, a raffle and fun for all!!! Event held here :


There will be an auction and release event at 10am on the oYo Sim.

Good luck with breeding these!

Jenni Eales
Alfredo Zapatero
and your relaxed oYo Staff Team members