After loosing some of our dear friends and fellow breeders earlier this year we planned an RFL oYo Off-Season Week to help raise much needed funds towards a very special cause and one close to so many of us with those we have lost always at the front of our minds.

We held 3 parties during the week. We kicked off the week on Monday with an Opening Party and a best in 90s themed event. People really embraced the theme and we saw some awesome neon outfits on show as we boogied away for 2 hours with Luna Stormfeather taking home a mega horse pack for being the best dressed and we raised 5k to start us off. 

We also had a mid week party at Club Twinkle where we raised over 11k and danced to some of the best party hits on the planet on Wednesday with DJ Kels. Once again instead of the clubs usual cash prize for the contest board that money went to RFL and instead oYo donated a Mega Horse Pack to the winner, DJ Niteshade. 

The bidboards were also in full swing at M&K Stables all week long changing every 24 hours and that was a great success making over 28k for the week. The bidbarn was very busy at times as everyone turned up to not only show their support but to bid on the amazing animals people had been donating. 

During the week we held 3 Special RFL Auctions during which 100% went to RFL. We started with a Special All Wildz auction on Tuesday with Martin Glom heading up the auction which included 3 new sabers that are not released until 17th June. Those sabers caught everyones eye and the bidding on those was fierce with our top stall being sold for 15k which took our total over 55k for that auction alone. 

Then on Thursday Martin was back at the helm with an All oYo auction, once again we had more new sabers up for grabs with our top stall going for 16k and helping us beat Tuesdays auction as our total stood at 61k.

There was huge excitement in the air for Sundays Auction as we had the final 2 sabers AND 2 VERY SPECIAL UNIQUE horses especially for this event. Along with another 16 stalls of wonderful donations this auction was truly magical. We smashed both the previous auctions out of the water in fact we took more than both of those combined with a total of 150k, our special horses being a huge attraction and the bids were flying in with one going for 41k alone. 

To unwind after all that excitement we held our closing party with DJ Matt and dug out our bikinis and board shorts for a Summer party and some much needed sunny summer tunes where our final total for the week was revealed which stood at an almighty and impressive 320,074 izzies.

oYo cannot thank all of those who donated animals, bundles, izzies or their time for this weeks amazing event enough. The overall total for the week just highlights what we can do as a community and that we have the best community in any virtual world. The most important thing is that we have really been able to dig deep and come together to raise money for such a worth while cause and one we all hold so dear. 

We look forward to the RFLIW season which starts in a few months where we will do it all over again.