The V2 horses arrived in style today both in Secondlife and Inworldz.

Inworldz kicked off the celebrations with raffle winner Candy Solo winning the first pack of the new horses on the grid which was sent seconds before the launch at 10am. 

Inworldz breeders embraced the new horses with a 3 hour long party, hits spanning 3 decades with a best in western theme and 1500 izzies given away to the 2 best dressed breeders, Emma Fuller and North Glenwalker.

There were raffles galore with all prizes centering around the new horses, including a saddle, an autofeeder and the beautiful new horse packs. There is also a special offer of a clipped horse but this is only available for 3 days, so if you can make sure you grab one or two of these special horses. The fun continued with breeders checking out the new racing function on the horses, which provided all involved with much entertainment and excitement of things to come. There will also be a photo contest for all breeders to enter featuring their new favorite horses. 

If you havent grabbed your new horses yet why not visit your oYo sim, these horses are available in both Inworldz and Secondlife right now.