Hello oYo community!

With the oYo V2 release quickly approaching please find below a run down of all our exciting activities we have going on to celebrate!

  • Raffle running over the whole weekend for a chance to win the first V2 pack released. Starts Friday 29th April. Location new horse area IW. Ends Monday 8am IWT.
  • Photo contest for beta testers winner gets a V2 horse pack. Contest ends 30th April.
  • Photo contest for everyone to enter following the launch for best photo with their new horses. The contest starts 2nd of May and runs for 2 weeks.
  • We will also be having various races, flat and jump with new horses but only permas, (which will be provided) Races start at 12.30pm IWT on May 2nd.
  • We will also be having a party to celebrate the launch in both IW and SL which starts at 9am IWT, with release at 10am IWT and will Finish at 12pm. The theme will be best in Western with raffles and contest boards plus a special coat for launch day to give away in a special raffle!