10.00am - Dodo Flat Race
10.20am - Horse Flat Race
10.40am - Elephant Flat Race
11.00am - Saber Flat Race
11.20am - Horse Hurdle Race
Dont worry if you dont have any of the above to ride, we have some available for you to use for the racing, no excuses!. Racing is alot of fun and each race every participant will receive a ribbon and 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive a trophy and prize, plus bragging rights.

Best In Breeds. There are no age restrictions for the shows, so even pets can be entered as long as they are oYo and are the breed shown, one entry per person. Stalls can be reserved now for both shows and breeders may enter in both categories.

12pm - Judging commences:
The Kitten Mirror Best In Breed Horse Show Judged by Kelp Fish
Best In Breed Wild Cats Show Judged by TBC

Finally celebrations 3 hours of tunes.
1pm - 2pm with DJ Matt Best In Pirates
2pm - 3pm with DJ Niteshade Best In Tattoos
3pm - 4pm with DJ Kels Best In Sports wear
All contests will have 1k prizes plus raffles and giveaways.