WildCat Coats

Tiger Coats:
Beige Tiger – Common
Black Tiger – Common
Gold Tiger – Common
Red Tiger – Rare
White Tiger - Rare
ST.Patricks 2017 Release:
StPatricks Green – Common
StPatricks Purple – Rare
StPatricks Yellow – Common

Albion - Common
Anghus – Rare
Maccus – Rare
Moryn – Common
Teyrnon – Rare
Weylyn - Rare

Leopard Coats:
Beige Leopard – Common
Black Leopard – Common
Black & Brown Leopard – Rare
White Leopard – Common
White & Beige Leopard – Rare

Saber Coats:
Beige Saber – Common
Black Saber – Rare
Brown Saber – Rare
Light Mais Saber – Common
Red Saber – Common
White Saber – Common
Coats not from Starters:
Dark Mais Saber – Rare
Dark Liver Saber – Rare
Orange Saber – Rare
3 Color Saber – Very Rare

Color Sabers:
BabyBlue Saber - Common
Cardinal Saber - Common
DarkGray Saber - Common
Emerald Saber - Common
NightSkye Saber - Common
Peach Saber - Common
Pink Saber - Inherited from Pride Saber
PurpleDark Saber - Common

Rainbow Sabers:
BabyBlue Rainbow - Rare
Cardinal Rainbow - Rare
DarkGray Rainbow - Rare
Emerald Rainbow - Rare
NightSkye Rainbow - Rare
Peach Rainbow - Rare
Pink Rainbow - Rare
PurpleDark Rainbow - Rare

Special Releases:
Beta - Rare (will not pass)
Beta Kid Tiger – Inherited Only
Pride Saber – Rare (will not pass)

Diabetes 2017:
HopeWhite - Common

BlackBlue - Common
BlackGreen - Rare
BlackPurple - Rare
WhiteBlue - Common
WhiteGreen - Rare
WhitePurple - Rare

T4T 2017:

BlackBlue - Common
BlackGreen - Rare
BlackPurple - Rare
WhiteBlue - Common
WhiteGreen - Rare
WhitePurple - Rare


Common Eyes:
Blue, Gold, Green, Ice, Red, ShamrockBlue, ShamrockYellow.

Rare Eyes:
Albion, Dodo, Elephant, Fuzzy, Giraffe, Glyn, Moryn, ShamrockRed, Welyn, Zebra.

Special Eyes:
Pride - (Rare & Inherited).

Diabetes 2017:

T4T 2017:
T4TPink (rare)
T4TGreen (rare)

WildCat Breeds

W1 – Tiger
W2 – Leopard
W3 – Saber (Rare Breed)
*All Tamed cats are rare. You have a 1 in 30 chance of getting a tamed cat. All Saber breeds are rare but the coats are not so you could get a saber race with a tiger coat and this would still be rare as long as the race is W3 Saber. You can ride Tamed Sabers. Tamed Tigers and Leopards will follow you and can be attached to take them for a walk.