oYo Breedables main sim: All oYo Breedables

oYo Breedable/64/184/22

oYo Breedable/32/71/22



Kels and Matt run this place. You will find all the oYo Vendors on their sim.


Wonderful Cove/40/193/22

Its A Dogs Life: A Dog Store on a place dedicated to the oYo dogs:

Assateague Island/92/245/22

Pampered Pets selling the needs for your breedables.  Come on down we might have the breedable you want.


Jenny and Benjamin's Ranch. Get the supplies for your horses, cats and dogs here.

Starry Night/117/243/24

Cormear/51/92/2501 (horses)

Topaz Isle
Topaz/144/73/3502 (horses)

Mia Duachais has a nice cat shop. You can find our vendors at:
Duachais I/130/224/501

Highgarden Skyhop