M&K Stables

M&K stables is one of the longest running sales areas for oYo breeders and supports all the oYo breedables. You can find sales stalls to rent or browse, there are bid boards, huge monthly raffles,

vendors for all your oYo needs, 2 monthly breedable shows, a games area with bi­weekly prizes

and even a saloon bar for special events. M&K is also home to the longest running oYo auctionhouse.

Why not visit today:



Bluestar Breedables

Bluestar Breedables is owned by long time oYo breeder Mandy Bluestar and offers a selection of various sales stalls to rent to showcase your oyo breedables.

Set in an open green environment once you land you are greeted by such a wide selection of oYo breedables and stunning fountain.

You can also pick up your supplies for all your breedable needs at any of the official vendors in several of the special stores dedicated to each oYo breed.

Mandy also runs various contests and raffles for all of her patrons so why not visit Bluestar Breedables today.


(From the owner)

I have been in the breedables business for almost 9 years. Formally known as Kandy Bluestar in Sl. I ran a successful breedable market known as Rare Breeds for over 3 years and hosted weekly auctions. I was the manager of SVR Breedables another successful marketplace catering to Biobreeds Breedables. I was also the manager of The Backyard Breedable Marketplace as well as a CSR for Biobreeds of SL before moving to Inworldz  almost 2 years ago when I started with Oyo. 




Minos Ranch 

Minos Ranch is a unique sales yard and auction house that covers the span of three sims with a garden and a beach area for the breeders to enjoy! We feature some of the finest breeders in IW and they have some of their very best items for sale. There are bid boards to rent to sell your items and ads boards to rent, we also have stalls for bundles and lives separately. We also have vendors for anything you will ever need. So your visit to Minos Ranch will be a pleasant one where you can find everything you are looking for and more.