Horse Coats


Black Andalusian - Common  

Chocolate Andalusian - Common

Grey Andalusian - Rare 



Black Spotted Appaloosa - Rare

Chestnut Appaloosa - Common

White & Black Spotted Appaloosa - Common



Dapple Black Arabian - Rare

Dapple Brown Arabian -  Common

Dapple Grey  Arabian - Common

Dapple White Arabian - Rare



Black Buckskin - Rare

Chestnut Buckskin - Common  

Gold Buckskin - Common  



Black - Common

Brown - Common


Clipped Summer:  

Black - Rare

Blonde - Common 

Bronze - Common 

Dark Chocolate – Rare 


Ghost Walkers: 

Black Ghost Walker - Coat does not pass

Pumpkin Ghost Walker - Coat does not pass 



Black & Gold Morgan - Rare

Gold Morgan - Rare 



Bay Mustang - Rare

Bay Mustang with White Socks - Common  

Black Mustang -  Common

Grey Mustang- Rare


Overo Horse: 

Black - common

Brown - common

Creme - Rare 

Grey - Rare



Black Paint - Common   

Chestnut Paint -Rare



Black Pinto-Common

Chestnut Pinto - Common

Palomino Pinto - Very Rare

White Pinto- Common



Black Roan - Very Rare

Blue Roan -Very Rare

Red Roan - Very Rare


Rocky Mountain: 

Black Rocky Mountain - Rare

Brown Rocky Mountain - Common 

Champagne Schimmel - Rare



Black Saddlebred - Common

Brown Saddlebred - Common

Red Saddlebred -  Rare

Sepia Saddlebred - Rare



Brown - Common

Dark - Rare

Gold - Rare

Red - Very Rare

Sand - Common


Tennessee Walkers: 

Black Tennessee Walker - Common

Brown Tennessee Walker- Rare



Chestnut Zebra Horse - Common

Zebra Horse – Common


Individual & Special Releases: 

Albino – Very Very Rare

Icelandic- Rare 

Giraffe - Rare

Winter - Rare

Xmas 14 White - Coat does not pass

Xmas 14 Black - Coat does not pass

Native Brown - Common

Native White - Common



Common - Unicorn, Albino, White Arabian.

Rare - Black Andalusian, Black Arabian, Black Walker, Black Buckskin.

Pegasus – Rare (Black, Gold, Silver).


Colored Unicorns: 

Unicorn Green (with Socks) – Unique Only One on the Grid for Charity Event 

Unicorn Blue (with Socks)  – Unique Only One on the Grid for Charity Event

Unicorn Pink (with Socks) – Unique Only One on the Grid for Charity Even 

Unicorn Orange (with Socks) – Unique Only One on the Grid for Charity Event 

Unicorn Purple (with Socks) – Unique Only One on the Grid for Charity Event

Offsprings:Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange.




Common Eyes:

 Albino, Amber, BloodMoon, BluePearl, Cobalt, Emptiness, GeminiIce, Green, PinkPearl, Red, Snowflake, Teal.


Rare Eyes: 

AirElement, AquaIce, Camel, Eagle, EarthElement, Emerald, FireElement, GalaxyReflection, MagicalNight, PurpleRain, Rainbow, Rose, Safari, SweetHeartReflection, WaterElement, YingYang, Zombie.


Special Eyes (Inherited Only):

 Cheval, Crown, DragonBlue, DragonGreen, DragonOrange, DragonPink, Hand, Inferno, SayHeart, Sun.


Faded Out Eyes (20th April 2015): 

CopperBrown, Crimson, IceGreen, Jade, MidNightBlue, Olive, Walnut(Rare).



Horses -    the “normal” mane and tail


                 the “long” mane (normal tail)


                 the “longlong” mane (normal tail)


                 the “braided” mane and tail


Pegasus -  the “longlong” mane (normal tail)