Voting has started throughout the year for the breeders favorites. We are asking breeders to vote over the next few months which will end in an award ceremony red carpet event for all towards the end of the year, our version of the Oscars.


We use a points system based on 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd as voted by per person with each entry that user is entered into a raffle to win a 10 pack of fevor booster for that breedable!


First we had the Morgans with the results as follows:

1st - Helium Morgan = 32 points

2nd - Salt-Pepper Morgan = 29 points

3rd - Magenta Morgan = 25 points


4th - Mahogany Morgan = 23 points

5th - Gold-Dark Morgan = 11 points

6th - Gold Morgan = 10 points

7th - Old School Morgan = 5 points

8th - Brown Morgan = 0 points


Secondly we asked our Inworldz breeders to pick their favorite tiger from the original coats and we weren't disappointed as they turned out in droves to have their say on their faves. The results were: 

1st - White Tiger = 27 points

2nd - BetaKid = 19 points

3rd - Black Tiger = 16 points

4th - Gold Tiger = 6 points

5th - Red Tiger = 3 points

6th - Beige Tiger = 1 point


For our next nomination we gave our breeders a voting choice to decide who takes top spot of Prince Palomino. It was close at the top with not that much in the race to the top 4 and we had a'lot of people voting this week so the palominos have a'lot of fans with their stunning coats! Only 3 points between 1st and 2nd so it was a photo finish for sure and the final results are:

1st - White Palomino = 42 points

2nd - Black Palomino = 39 point

3rd - Gold Palomino = 35 points


4th - Silver Palomino = 28 points

5th - Chestnut Palomino = 11 points

6th - Beige Palomino = 6 points

7th - Brown Palomino = 1 point


Last week we went back to the Wildz for more votes and we asked our breeders to vote for their fave leopard coats. We weren't disappointed with the response either. The top 2 are quite close but the other 3 are all very close fighting for their spot in the top 3. The results are:

1st - Black/Brown Leopard = 40 points

2nd - White/Beige Leopard = 32 points

3rd - White Leopard = 18 points

4th - Black Leopard = 15 points

5th - Beige Leopard = 12 points


So there we have it our out and out winner and Inworldz favorite Leopard coat is the Black & Brown. Its not surprising really all of the coat are fantastic but there is something very special about that one. This one will go forward for our Ultimate voting later in the year. 


The colored sabers faced the public vote this past week and the breeders seem to have a clear favourite in the NightSkye Saber who was so far in front even a cheetah couldnt catch it!. Sadly one of our coats didnt score any points with our breeders and is planted firmly in last place. This is how they shaped up:

1st NightSkye - 37 points

2nd DarkGray 22 points,

3rd Cardinal 20 points,

4th PurpleDark 15 points, 5th Pi k 7 points, 6th Emerald 5 points, 7th Peach 2 points 8th baby blue 0 points.


We carry on with more sabers looking at most of the other coats now so it will be a touch choice between 10 coats for our breeders.


 We put the Xmas Off Spring horses under the lime light This past week for our breeders to vote and we saw a great turn out from them as we had 2 clear favourites from the off but the rest of the field was very closer, people seem very split over what is their top 3. The full results were:

1st - Care = 26 points

2nd - Faith = 20 points

3rd - Wisdom = 12 points

4th - Truth = 10 points

5th - Hope = 9 points

6th (joint) - Aspiration =7 points

               - Love = points

8th - Trust = 6 points

9th - Joy = 2 points   

So there we have it our community Cares!


Next up for the Sabers on the voting blocks were the rest of the coats (not including colored or rainbows). A massive 10 Sabers showed us what they were made of as people turned out in great numbers to vote this week. Sadly we had one coat that finished last that failed to get any votes at all.

Lets take a look at the overall results.

1st - 3 Color Saber = 33 points

2nd - Liver Dark Saber = 27 points

3rd - Red Saber = 18 points

4th - Black Saber = 15 points

      - White Saber - 15 points

6th Mais Light Saber = 9 points

7th- Mais Dark Saber = 7 points

8th - Brown = 1 point

     - Orange Saber - 1 point


10th - Beige Saber = 0 points


The snowflakes took centre stage for the next round of horse voting. Showcasing all 6 coats including those special offsprings but which made the top of the tree?

1st - Dawn Snowflake = 37 points

2nd - Nymph Snowflake = 29 points

3rd - Black Snowflake = 22 points

4th - Onyx Snowflake = 18 points

5th - Dravite Snowflake = 14 points

6th - Beige Snowflake = 8 points


So the 2 special coats took the top 2 but one of the original coats snuck in at 3rd. What will we see next?


Rainbow Saber Results


We put the rainbow Sabers under the spotlight and opened up the voting for everyone. The results were quite surprising considering the first place here only finished 4th on the colored Saber coat voting and 2nd place from the colored voting was last here!


The full results are as follows:

1st - PurpleDark Rainbow = 24 points.

2nd - Cardinal Rainbow = 18 points.

3rd - Peach Rainbow = 16 points.

4th - NightSkye Rainbow = 12 points.

5th - Baby Blue Rainbow = 11 points.

5th - Emerald Rainbow = 11 points.

5th - PinkPride Rainbow =  11 points.

8th - Dark Grey Rainbow = 5 points.

3 all sharing 5th place and the points very tightly spread out shows those coats appeal to everyone is different ways. 


Bear Voting has now opened.


Appaloosa Votes

The appaloosas were the next of the horse coats to line up for the voting and its no surprise to see the top spot has been taken by one of the leo-appy coats as they have been adored by so many people since they came along.


The results are as follows:

 1st - Leo-Black Appaloosa = 48 points.

2nd Leo-White Appaloosa = 33 points.

3rd - Chestnut Appaloosa = 14 points.


4th - Black Appaloosa = 13 points.

5th - White Appaloosa = 10 points.

6th - Leo-Beige Appaloosa = 6 points.

7th - Sand Appaloosa = 2 points.

So nice to see all of the coats taking at least a couple points but there are a couple of clean favourites of these appaloosas that’s for sure with a huge difference between 2nd and 3rd on the points tally.

We carry on with the Ombre coats now.




The stunning and very colorful Ombres took to the stage for voting this last week and we had a great turn out of people voting for their favourites. We had a tie for second place as well but an outright winner.


The results are as follows:

1st - Blue Ombre = 30 points

2nd - Green Ombre = 24 points

         Purple Ombre = 24 points

4th - Red Ombre = 17 points

5th - Yellow Ombre = 16 points  

6th - Pink Ombre = 6 points

Seems Pink was not making the boys wink with those results but a battle between red and yellow for 4th and 5th, who knows maybe we need an Orange Ombre then.

Our Arabians are available now for voting.


We kicked off the voting for the Bears last week with a selection of Original and newer coats on display to choose from. We had a clear winner from the off a very popular choice and a very realistic coat while there was a battle with only a point in it for 3rd and 4th. The results were:


1st - Black Bear = 32 points


2nd - Light Beige Bear = 20 points


3rd - Dark Brown Bear = 18 points


4th - Beige Bear = 17 points


        Gray Bear = 17 points


6th - Bright Bear = 6 points


7th - Light Brown Bear = 5 points


8th - Brown Bear = 2 points


It’s very close between 2nd and 5th place but no mistaking who is king of this round of honey pot lovers. We have more bears ready to pose for your votes right now so pop over to the reception area and cast your vote for your favourite.




Hop over to the welcome area now and see what voting is open and have your say!