Team oYo Is a Relay For Life of InWorldz team run by the OYO Breedables community each season we raise much-needed funds for the American Cancer Society trough auctions and fundraising events. oYo breedable's is a breedable animal company in both SecondLife and inworldz last year we raised over 600k Izzies in InWorldz LLC and we plan to raise allot more this year, want to help us join the group and say hi!

Team captains are Buxomkels Foxclaw and MrMatt Willmott


August   September   October
20th - 6am - RFL Bundle Auction   6th - 20th - 10 pack fevor raffles   1st - 11am - 4pm M&K Fun day including none breedable auction.
21st - 12pm - TeddyBears picnic    10th - 12pm - Auction   Please note 2nd - 9th is the annual breeders fayre, there are more events planned during this time not RFL related.
now until 23rd - 10 Pack fevor booster raffles    20th - 30th - large animal pack raffles   2nd- 10am - 12pm = Dodo Disco with DJ Kels
23rd - 6th Sept - 10 pack food raffles   21st - 10am - DJ Cheryl Foxx classic rock hits in leather @ club twinkle   2nd- 24 hour dodo raffle boards
27th - 12pm - DJ Matt party hits with bright colors at club twinkle       2nd- dodo 24 hours bidboards
        3rd- 24 hour Pigs & Elephants raffle boards
        3rd- pig & elephant 24 hour bidboards
        3rd- 4pm - GOT Auction
        4th- 24 hour Bear raffle boards
        4th- 2pm - 4pm Wildz Auction 
        4th- bear 24 hour bidboards
        5th- 24 hour dog raffle boards
        5th- 10am - Dog obedience class. 
        5th- 11am - 1pm - Mid week party (TBC)
        5th- dog 24 hour bidboards
        6th- 24 hour cat raffle boards
        6th- 2 - 4pm = anything but wildz and horses auction.
        6th- cats 24 hour bidboards
        7th- 24 hour Fuzzy raffle boards
        7th- 10am - 11am = fuzzy play time 
        8th- wild cat bidboards
        8th- 24 hour Wild Cat raffle boards
        8th- 12pm - DJ Matt (TBC)
        9th- 24 hour horse raffle boards
        9th- 12pm - 2pm - Mostly horse auction.
        9th- 2pm - 4pm - End of Fayre Party with DJ (TBC)
        9th- horse 24 hour bidboards